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What can business learn from the Queensland election campaign?

What can business learn from the Queensland election campaign? The election is this Saturday, the campaign to secure your vote is on in ernest. With the holiday season over, perhaps now you’re listening. If you live in a marginal seat that could change hands, your letter box will be full of election junk mail, your door will probably be knocked, a trip to your local…

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3 strategies to strengthen your online personal brand

Are we really who the internet says we are? Surely not, after all, everyone has their own unique values. thoughts, opinions relationships, passions, personal traits, relationships, friendship circles and networks. How can the internet capture all this? Reflecting on how social media works and some of the stuff you see posted online, perhaps the internet…

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What does your corporate head-shot say about you? {Commercial Photography}

What does your corporate head-shot say about you? I’m often asked by people in all sorts of businesses if I do head shots. You know the image, its typically eyes looking at the camera, white background, head with top of shoulders and a “quick get this over with” smile. I usually ask “What is it that you’re wanting a headshot of you to achieve?

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How quality images gain high profile editorial exposure

Congratulations to editor Danielle Hughes Brown and her team at Queensland Magazines for launching Indulge Magazine. The inaugural issue is on sale now at your favourite newsagent and online at the App Store. Indulge is designed as a high quality lifestyle journal for South East Queensland sharing the best places to “eat, live and play”. A quick scan of the magazine reveals lots to enjoy…

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Homage Restaurant, Spicers Hidden Vale: Farm to Fork

It was a pleasure to team up again with Ash Martin one of Australia’s best Regional Chefs to capture images of the dishes he and his team at Spicers Hidden Vale are creating for their restaurant “Homage”. Ash’s menus are inspired by the best local produce available and what he can source on the vast Hidden Vale property.

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Matt Kirkegaard taps the keg for Oktoberfest 2014

Matt Kirkegaard taps the keg for Oktoberfest 2014. The beer was flowing like a river last night at Brisbane’s Bavarian Bier Cafe as renown Brisbane-based freelance beer writer Matt Kirkegaard, also known as BeerMatt tapped the keg to celebrate Oktoberfest 2014. Matt shared some of the history of tapping the keg before geting to work on the keg before him. His beer knowledge is second to none, as you can see […]

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