How important is your professional profile photo?

Today, your professional profile photo is responsible for making your first impression, especially so on social media platforms like LinkedIn. LinkedIn research shows profiles with photos are seven times more likely to be viewed than those without.

Take a moment to scroll through your connections on LinkedIn. How many profiles do you see with unappealing, blurry, unprofessional profile photos? Sadly, way too many. The upside, it’s easy for you to stand out by using a great profile image.

Recruiters say they spend more time on profiles with a photo as they want to know who they are dealing with. Your photo represents your personal brand. A fuzzy, badly exposed image reflects poorly on your professionalism.


What factors should you consider when choosing a photo to be your professional profile photo? We recommend selecting one that actually looks like you as the people who view your profile and then meet you will recognise and remember you.

If your personal styling, age, weight or grooming has changed, it’s time to update your profile photo. When having your photo taken, remember to smile naturally, a smiling, warm expression shows approachability.

Look the part in your professional profile photo by wearing your normal work clothes or uniform. Solid or plain colours are often best as heavy patterns and florals can be distracting. Consider bringing a jacket or change of blouse or shirt. Tie on or open neck, we can do both for a different look. Ladies, changing accessories will provide a different look.


What if you’re a trade? Often overlooked, headshots are really important for tradies as home owners like to know who they are dealing with and who will be calling to do work on their home. One tip for tradies, please bring a clean uniform to your headshot sitting!

We typically take a head shot from above the waist so you have scope for cropping square or vertical or circular depending on the social media platform you are using.

A plain background is best for your professional profile photo as it won’t distract and puts the focus on you.

So how does your current profile photo measure up? If it falls short, we can help you!

We’ve declared Tuesday the 24th May 2016 to be “Update Your Professional Profile Day”.

Come to our Reyment Photographics studio at 183 – 185 Old Cleveland Road, Coorparoo, Brisbane for your 20 minute headshot sitting. Wear your typical work clothes noting the tips above. We’ll capture new head shot images for you.

Sittings are available from 7am so you can be photographed on your way to work.


After your headshot sitting, we’ll upload images to your own private gallery so you can view the photos and select your 2 favourite images. We’ll then prepare your 2 favourites for you and supply them as high resolution printable files and ready to upload social media optimised files.

Cost is $195 + GST, per person, a saving of $200 on our normal prices. Included is your 20 minute sitting, online viewing, your two favourite images supplied as high res printable files and social media optimised files and usage rights for you to use your images for any purpose in perpetuity.

Are you ready to update your professional profile photo?

We only have 20 sittings available on Tuesday the 24th May so bookings are essential. Contact John to reserve your sitting.

Does your workplace need to update the head shots of your team members? We’d be delighted to help. We can come to your workplace and photograph each of your team members. To chat about your team, and receive a quote, simply contact us.